El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services
Friday, August 12, 2022

Music Academy

The purpose of the El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services Music Academy is to use musical training to help youth make behavior choices that will lead to staying enrolled in school until graduation, avoiding gang involvement and other destructive behavior. Accomplished musicians and new students develop relationships based on the common language of music.
The students develop self-esteem as they experience the joy of artistic expression and skill development, and receive crossover academic benefits from the abstract thinking skills that are developed as they learn to read music, play an instrument, and/or sing in a group. For some students, music will be a path to higher education or future employment.
At least three performances will be scheduled throughout the year. There is a nominal fee per session for youth to participate in the Music academy.
Special Presentation by the Music Academy Band!!!

On the drums we've got none other than Juventino! Juan takes it away with the piano AND the xylophone. We have Gonzalo, Kevin, and Christian to thank for those beautiful guitar chords. Oscar sweeps us off our feet with the way he makes that violin talk. The band would not be complete, of course, without our melodic bass player - the one and only, Andy!! And to top it off we've got the wonderfully talented lyricists and vocalists - Emily, Erica, Lucy, Yiyi, Marisol, Juan, Kathryn, Jonorys, Nicole, and Quique to charm us with their spirited voices! Yes, you heard right - our singers wrote the lyrics to this wonderful song. Allow me to share the lyrics in writing and with translation:

Cuando ya no tengo fuerzas (When I no longer have strength)

Para alcanzar la meta (To reach the goal)

El siempre estara conmigo (He will always be with me)
Porque es mi mejor amigo (Because He is my best friend)

Coro (Chorus):

Y cuando pierdo fe (And when I loose faith)
Hay algo que yo se... (There's something that I know...)
Ahi viene el Rey (Here comes the King)
El me escucha cuando oro (He listens to me when I pray)
Por eso es que yo lo adoro (That's why I adore Him)

Aunque a veces no lo crea (Even though I sometimes don't believe it)

En sus brazos El me lleva (In his arms he carries me)
Cuando quieres una mano (When you want a hand)
Llama a tu mejor hermano (Call your best brother)

Aunque a veces no lo crea (Even though I sometimes don't believe it)

En sus brazos El me lleva (In his arms he carries me)

The original version of this song is called "Here Comes Your Man" by an 80s band called The Pixies.The song's original lyrics are in English and aren't Christian. Our youth got together, and with the help of Jonorys and me, wrote the lyrics you've just read. I hope you enjoyed this tune as much as our youth did during the recording.