El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services
Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Family Life Programs

This fall El Buen Pastor Latino Community Services hosted two events for the neighborhood surrounding the church. Under the leadership of Enrique Rodriguez-Pastor, Director of Family Life Programs, these events were planned to give families opportunities to invite their neighbors to join them in some Saturday afternoon fun.  The September 12 festiva included music by a traditional Mexican band as well as the home-grown talent of our Music Academy students and inter-generational dance team, and Quique and his wife Nicole. The inflated bouncing room was a kid-magnet and the food prepared by the women of El Buen Pastor was plentiful and delicious. Maestro de ceremonias Ramón, who partnered with Quique to plan the event, kept the crowd engaged with his cheerful patter and corny jokes, and by staging dancing competitions among the young people.
On November 2 the families gathered for an informal story time around an outdoor fire.  Listening to each other’s historias while roasting marshmallows and sipping hot chocolate, folks lingered under the stars. There’s just something about gazing into the fire that encourages fellowship and leisurely conversation. 
Kids Club
Kids Club at El Buen Pastor this fall has been an exciting journey filled with fun, music, and learning! Each Wednesday evening after tutoring time children from Kindergarten through fifth grade learn about and practice positive character traits through bilingual songs under the leadership of Jonorys and Quique. Middle schoolers participate in Kids Club as leader assistants as they model positive behavior for the younger children and dramatize Bible stories that illustrate the topic.

Each month a new character trait is introduced with a new song along with games and activities that reinforce the trait of the month. This fall the Kids Club gang has explored the meaning of respect, inner-silence, and honesty. In December, children took a singing adventure to the land of Self-Confidence! In February we'll be learning about cooperation and in March we'll be learning about responsibility.